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Do you work for a company with a matching gift program? If so, both your runner and the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) would love to benefit from this program!

For tax reasons, to qualify for a matching gift, you must donate directly to PBHA. Donations made through Harvard College Marathon Challenge (HCMC) unfortunately cannot qualify for matching gift status.

Here are the simple steps to follow to make a matching gift:

  1. You must donate via this PBHA donation page, being sure to enter all of the following information in the relevant fields on that webpage:
    1. In the "Matching Gifts" field, enter your company's name
    2. In the "Please Recognize" field, enter your sponsored runner's name
    3. In the "Occasion" field, enter "Harvard College Marathon Challenge"
    4. In the "Please Notify" field, enter "marathon@harvard.edu"
  2. Complete the relevant portion of your company's matching gift form and mail that form to:
    Louise Wills
    c/o PBHA
    Harvard Yard
    Cambridge, MA 02138
  3. E-mail marathon@harvard.edu with subject line "HCMC Matching Gift for (Runner's Name)." In your e-mail, tell us the amount of your donation(s) to PBHA. That'll alert us to your initial donation and to the upcoming matching gift, so we can track them. This is very important, to ensure your runner receives the credit!
  4. PBHA will submit your matching gift form to your company and will notify HCMC of whatever matching gift your company subsequently provides. HCMC will then credit to your runner whatever matching gift your company has made.